Vacate Cleaning

Vacate cleaning is known by many different Names .... bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, handover cleaning to name a few! Regardless of what you call it....

White So White Cleaners are The BEST vacate cleaning company!

Whether you are moving out of your own property, into a new property, if you are leaving a rental or moving into a rental, White So White Cleaners can help you! Let us take the stress out of leaving or moving into a property and let us save your valuable time and energy so you can concentrate on making sure your move goes smoothly.

Our vacate cleaning consist of a comprehensive and competitive range of services. Unlike most companies we include window cleaning as standard and are extremely flexible with the services included in our vacate cleaning package. We can add and remove services on request enabling us to better suit your needs and budget. For a written quote call or email us.

Below is a list of everything that is included in a standard house vacate clean. If you require additional services (such as carpet cleaning) please let us know when contacting us for a quote.

We also service commercial properties, so if you are vacating a commercial property or moving into a commercial property and require White So White Cleaning Services, contact us and make an appointment for us to visit and provide you with a no obligation written quotation.

We may need to see the property first if its not a 'standard' property, but we can generally give accurate quotes without visiting you.

Vacate Cleaning / Bond Cleaning / End Of Lease Cleaning / End Of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Vacate Cleaning 1x1 
  • Vacate Cleaning 2x1 
  • Vacate Cleaning 2x2 
  • Vacate Cleaning 3x1 
  • Vacate Cleaning 3x2 
  • Vacate Cleaning 4x1 
  • Vacate Cleaning 4x2 
  • Vacate Cleaning 5x2
  • Vacate Cleaning 5x3 


Standard Vacate cleaning inclusions

General/all rooms
• Air conditioner – clean filters and vents (where accessible) 
• Carpets – vacuumed 
• Ceiling fans – dust and wipe 
• Cobwebs – remove (where accessible) 
• Cupboards – vacuum and wipe shelves & face panels 
• Doors – dust and wipe clean 
• Power sockets and light switches – dust and wipe clean 
• Floors – sweep and mop all non –carpeted floors 
• Light fittings – dust and wipe clean 
• Skirting boards including architraves – dust and wipe clean  
• Windows – clean glass inside and out (where accessible) dust and clean sills 
• Window tracks - cleaned 
• Fly screens – lightly brush off with soft brush 
• Mirrors (excluding full wardrobe mirrors) 
• Blinds - LIGHT DUSTING only - blinds with heavier dust / dirt will require washing - not included

• Drawers and cupboards – vacuum and wipe clean 
• Exhaust fan – dismantle and degrease 
• Sink – clean and remove any soap residue 
• Stove – clean burners, grill, drip trays, inside oven, range hood, general body of stove 
• Taps – clean and polish 
• Bench tops cleaned

** Carpet Cleaning Shampooing including for all Carpet
** Grout Cleaning not including at all (Extra apply)

• Shower/bath/tiling – clean wall tiles, screen, shower recess and bath tub
• Drawers and cabinets – vacuum and wipe clean 
• Sink – clean and remove any stains or soap residue 
• Taps – clean and polish 
• Toilet – clean thoroughly inside and out 
• Mirror cleaned

• Drawers and cabinets – vacuum and wipe clean 
• Sinks/basin – clean and remove any stains, soap residue 
• Taps – clean and polish